You deserve to live in your body free from judgement. You deserve to decide what is important to you and your health. You deserve compassionate support. You deserve freedom around food – and I’m here if you would like help to find it.

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Who is my nutrition counselling for?

My nutritional counselling service could be for you if you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following:
  • Do you have health concerns (such as food intolerances, fatigue, disordered eating, or insulin resistance) but are struggling to make the changes and improvements to your wellbeing that you want?

  • Have you heard of non-diet or intuitive eating approaches and want to find out more? Maybe you have embraced food and body liberation but are stuck on certain aspects?

  • Perhaps you have received a diet-related diagnosis (such as type 2 diabetes, IBS, high cholesterol, or hypertension) and need some nutritional support?

  • Have you lost weight in the past, but now live a precarious life where you control and count everything you eat, and exercise to ‘earn’ food?

  • Are you curious that there must be another way?

It is not your fault! Restrictive eating behaviours and blaming individuals has become normalised in our society. But what I offer is not about willpower – it’s a chance to critically explore nutrition in the context of your life.

To address health concerns (‘health’ as determined by you and your values) I support all bodies – and do so without a focus on weight loss.

I can help you to develop a flexible approach to eating, along with acceptance of your body as it is now and how it may change throughout your life or in different circumstances.

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Clare Moran Nutrition butterfly

What does my nutrition counselling involve?

My approach is to embrace health diversity as health can mean different things to different people. Food and diet are not one size fits all and can be tailored to you and your needs.

I am a lover of all bodies and am HAES™ (Health at Every Size) aligned, which means that I look for ways for you to improve your health without body discrimination. I also practice the Well Now approach developed by Lucy Aphramor, which advocates for social justice and collective health.

I draw on intuitive eating principles. Intuitive eating is not a weight loss plan! If you prefer not to name it (after all the goal is to find freedom from any food regime) then intuitive eating provides practical tools to access a non-diet approach.

My role is not to educate or preach, but to guide and help you navigate your way to a happy, relaxed, guilt-free food-life. If we come across any road bumps that I feel are beyond my scope of practice I will refer you to the appropriate health professional.

My support and advice is not a substitute for medical or mental health advice. I will work with your treatment team for tests or other diagnostics if deemed necessary.

We will not use weight or BMI as a measurement of your health!

That is not to say that weight loss would not be an outcome; your weight is just a part of you (like your height or hair colour). For some people, restoring weight to a natural set point or range could be a positive outcome. For others, their weight will not change at all.

With your consent and willingness, we will explore your eating habits and behaviours, but you will not be required to track what you eat. Our first session starts with asking about your food history . We all have our own unique food story and it is an important part of the process for me to listen to yours.

My work with you is collaborative and confidential, any notes we make during the session are yours – as are the tasks, resources and exercises that I will give you along the way.

It is not unusual to have things to think about between sessions, or agreed actions that you would like to try. And I welcome you to come to each session with any new thoughts or challenges. Equally, you can just turn up, be present and enjoy your journey to food freedom!

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What are the options – and what does it cost?

The starting point for everyone

I like to start with a FREE 20-minute taster session by phone or video call. This is a mutual assessment to see if working together is right for you. Reading through my website is a good place to start, and then we can chat through any questions you may have.


For the ready-to-go

If, after our initial discussion, you’re ready to get started and would like an approach offering regular support, the next step is a full 90-minute assessment followed by three 60-minute nutrition counselling sessions.

During the assessment, we’ll discuss your food history and your goals. At the end of the assessment we’ll talk through some ideas and recommendations for you to take forward, which I’ll then support you on during the following three sessions.

We can work at a pace to suit you. Each session builds on the previous one, and some people go on to have additional sessions. (Each person is different, so I’m happy to tailor your package around what feels right for you.)

Full 90-minute assessment and
3 x 60-minute nutritional counselling sessions


For the not-quite-sure

Alternatively, after our initial call, we can take things one step at time.

We’ll start with a 60-minute assessment. You can then choose to progress further with me if you wish, or just take the recommendations from the assessment and work with them in your own way.

Initial 60-minute assessment


3 x 60-minute nutritional counselling sessions


Fair about the financial stuff

I also offer a ‘fair for all’ pricing system, so let me know if finances are the only thing stopping you from going ahead. Each month, I have a number of supported cost options where you can choose the pricing that best suits your circumstances. Apply by dropping me an email.

Please note that out of respect for the time invested in preparing for your session, I require 48-hours’ notice to reschedule appointments. The session will otherwise be deducted from your package. Partial refunds are not available, but as packages do not expire you are welcome to space your sessions out.

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Let’s say hello

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